Commonly referred to as “dragon eyes”, Garnet has been cherished since their first notable debut in Egypt B.C. The gem’s crimson hue has been tied to the heart and blood and has even been rumored to aid in cardiovascular health. It is the stone of determination and strength, often depicted as a symbol of life.  

Garnet originates from all over the world from mines in Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Russia, to name a few.

The gem’s strong resemblance to pomegranate sparked waves of inspiration across the planet. It has been used as talismans throughout past wars, ensuring safety from injury and illness. From ancient wax seals to the necks of mummified pharaohs, the Garnet gemstone has adorned many antiques that have remained intact throughout time. The Victorian era utilized garnet excessively, mimicking pomegranate seeds in the form of costume jewelry.  

Garnet is heavily believed to be the bringer of good health, success, and peace.  As a January birthstone, it acts as a shield against bad karma and an amplifier for self-confidence. Welcome love, strength, and friendship into your life, and check out our Garnet collection.