Blue Topaz

Emanating wealth and beauty, Topaz was once the most sought-after gem in history. You may be thinking of the popular London Blue Topaz alone, but this rainbow fish of a gem comes in many eye-catching shades. Associated with loyalty, friendship, and faithfulness, it is the perfect gift for that special someone.  It is also the birthstone of December, crowning the Blue Topaz as a universal love charm. 

Often mistaken for diamonds, Topaz has been found all over the world, from mining sites in Brazil to Ukraine. They project their impurities in the form of vibrant reds, greens, blues, pinks, purples, and hues of orange. They bask in irony, for topaz is naturally colorless. But their impurities are what make them especially beautiful.  

Folklore from around the planet awards Blue Topaz for its protective properties. Based on superstitions, some implore the use of Topaz to prevent accidents and nightmares. Others grace their chests with Topaz in hopes of beauty, long life, and intelligence. Translating to “fire”, the stunning gem is also said to have strong ties to Apollo, God of the Sun. Often used as a repellent against dark magic, it is said that the wearer would also be awarded great strength and even help ease several illnesses. 

Welcome Love, healing, and happiness into your life, and check out our Blue Topaz collection.