As the stone of the sea and the month of March, Aquamarine is known for its soul “grounding” properties and greenish blue shade.  Awarding its wearer with clarity, tranquility, and overall harmony, it is recommended by years of ancestral lore that you stow Aquamarine in your luggage or around your neck during travels.  As it has been gifted to sailors for protection before embarking on grim voyages.  Also gifted as “worry” beads, Aquamarine has been known to both protect against and ease anxiety.  

Historians have noted that Aquamarine has been used for a multitude of purposes throughout time.   While Ancient Romans swore the stone cured procrastination, Ancient Egyptians carved the stone into animals for ritual purposes.  Ancient Greeks crafted Aquamarine into jewelry in hopes of capturing the beauty of the ocean around one’s neck.  

In mythology, Aquamarine represents more than just the sea.  It represented the reflection of the horizons onto the surface of the ocean–captured within a perfectly symmetrical stone.  Legend infers that, when blessed with kind intentions, Aquamarine has the power to reveal secrets locked deep within our souls.  

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