Prized for its beauty and spiritual value, the Amethyst gemstone has adorned the necks of many powerful individuals throughout time. Representing tranquility and purity of spirit, this violet gemstone has been known to alleviate stress, sadness, and overall negativity. As the birthstone of February, Amethyst is said to award its wearer with sobriety and peace.

Its purple hue found its way into Christian Churches, representing Christ’s suffering. It has also been rumored to grace Saint Valentine’s notable cupid ring. Adored for its grape wine tint, Amethyst has been valued throughout thousands of years as nature’s non-invasive tranquilizer. Amethyst is found across the world from mines in the Far East to Siberia, Brazil, and Sri Lanka.  

Stolen from the lips of Leonardo Da Vinci, Amethyst aids in quick wit and ridding the mind of evil thoughts. Welcome peace, amity, and wealth into your life, and check out our Amethyst Collection.